Should_Be_Cleaning (hydraver) wrote in wheedlesneedles,

The first FO of 2006

I'm going to start posting these this year.

Here it is in all its glory.

I started on Saturday night and finished it Monday night. My original intention was for it to be donated to a shelter full of goodies at the end of 2006. My Aunt Nona asked for it while I only had a few inches of it on the kneedles. It's from the book "Knit Christmas Stockings!" (edited by Gwen Steege -- Storey Publishing)

Carefully knit in a lovely varigated red white and green acrylic with the toe, heel and cuff knitted in red acrylic. Both found at the Burien Goodwill for a total of $2.99 with enough yarn left to do several more for donations both the large (pictured) and the smaller one included in the book.

So in this case to Nona go the spoils of bargain hunting and quick knitting.

I have a plan in the works to lure a few more people to the library to knit.
Last month I forgot to mention that I was bringing my swift and ball winder with me.
Anyone who shows up will get a chance to use it. First come first serve as it were.
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